I’m myself. Just me.

Fabulous me, ugly me, fat me, pretty me, angry me, depressed me, recovered me, not-worth-it me, to-angry-and-depressed-to-show-emotions me, smiley me, confused me, to-difficult-to-cope me, stressed-out me, wish-I-just-could-dissapear me, funny me… Me, is a whole a lot. I confuse my self sometimes and even get a little bit concerned about my self. Every day is a challenge, but it also comes with new opportunities.

Growing up was hard and with my insecurities I gave into the lonely and horrible life of an anorexic. I was caught up in a bad cycle and was going through living hell every day. Somehow I realized that I had a problem and went to a psychologist. On the edge of getting a heart attack because of my low bodyweight, I managed to save my life.

About 2 1/2 years after recovering from anorexia I got severely depressed. Total emptiness and a constantly sadness effect my everyday life and effect the people around me. I feel so selfish and lost.



One response to “About

  1. The idea of moving forward, I can understand. Dwelling on something does not let you pass it by. Writing only about it, you cannot move forward.

    You write beautifully. You write uniquely.
    Your poems are not just pretty.

    Please keep writing. Because I want to keep reading.

    And it’s not Happy Birthday or not. It’s Happy Birthday.

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