Giving back

This feels strange, very strange. After, what seems a life time, I returned to my blog. Watching 14-year old me try to express all the confusion and frustration of life with a somewhat limited vocabulary and lack of structure in the posts makes me cringe, smile, cry and admire. All at the same time. I will not claim that I am the queen of the english language, but as in all parts of life I have evolved.

As version 2.0 of me, I have descided to join an eating disorder organization to do some voluntary work this year. This is not a part of a new years resolution, but I stumbled upon a website that was in need of some volunteers. It breaks my heart that so many struggle with eating disorders, and the fact that it is something that I would not wish my own worst enemy, and therefore I want to contribute.

Sometimes, even the strongest of us needs a little push, a helping hand or just a smile. I feel that now is the time for me to give something back! My supporters, kind souls who gave so much energy, love and time,  made me who I am to day and I am eternally grateful. And I want to be that for someone!


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