If I was..

If I was a color I’d be silver.

If I was a number I’d be four.

If I was an animal I’d be a swan.

If I was a song I’d be “A Drop In the Ocean – Ron Pope”

If I was a piece of clothes I’d be a Versace dress.

If I was a shoe I’d be skyhigh with diamonds.

If I was wether I’d be rain.

If I was a celeb I’d be Megan Fox.

If I was a dream I’d be the the king of the world.

If I was a princess I’d be Belle from the Beauty and the Beast.

If I was a drink I’d be cocoa.

If I was one kind of food I’d be avocado.

If I was a season I’d be summer.

If I was a photography I’d be black and white.

If I was a flower I’d be a lotus.

If  I was a flavor I’d be liquirice.

If I was a smell I’d be sweet.

If I was a feeling I’d be melancholy.


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