My dream, my life

I don’t remember if I have told you guys, but I didn’t make into the exchange program to the US. Yes, it truly hurt so much when I got the message, that they denied my application just because I had been sick in the past. If you ask me, I think that is just bulls**t. Those who have beaten anorexia or any other eating disorder, are stronger than than most people. They have gone through hell, and managed to dig a hole and crawled out. I think I am stronger that most people I know. “What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger”.

But this summer, I’m not letting that stop living my dreams. I desided to move foreward, and take my dreams in mye own hands. I’m going away for a month to spend time in California. I’m going to enjoy myself, get to know new and exiting people, go to the beach almost everyday, go shopping as often I can, surf the waves of Long Beach, go to San Francisco, and just take in all the great experieces California has to offer.


5 responses to “My dream, my life

  1. Hi,
    I went to the US as an exchange student while I was struggling with anorexia. I didn’t want to belive it was as bad as it was, so I lied my way into the program and went to live with a family that made everything twice as bad.

    I started throwing up everything I ate, and I rearly ate, I went to the gym every weekday and went running/swimming in the weekends. After three months in the US i realized I couldn’t live like that anymore, I tried to pull myself out of it, but without anyone to talk to about it (They didn’t know I had a problem with eating) I started having suicidal thoughts. Luckily I had a few friends back in norway that knew about my previous problems, so I talked to them, and decided to talk to my liaison, and I was soon on a flight home. That choice saved my life

    I know it’s easy to say that “I’m healthy now, so I haven’t got anything to worry about living in the US alone”, but trust me, it’s much harder than you might possibly imagine. I don’t know you, so maybe you are healthier that I was when I left, or stronger, or more percistent to stay healthy, but when you are going to a country and to a family that might be eating on a restaurant three times a week, take – away two times a week, and when low – fat milk in the US contains mor calories than “lett melk” in norway, at least with my mindset, everything got pritty hard to deal with.

    I have struggled with eating desorders since I was twelve, I left for the US at seventeen, and truly belived I was healthy. Today I’m 20 and I’m still struggling. I’m not anorectic anymore, but my mindset are totally wrong, and I’m struggling with food everyday.

    I love how your mind is working and that you belive that everything that doesn’t kill you make you stronger, and that’s a good belive to have. Continue beliving in yourself and your qualities, and you can still study in US someday, maybe in college or university 🙂

    • Thank you so much for you comment. I’m so sad on your behalf, and I hope you get 100 % healthy! Now I have got used to the thought of not going to the US for a year, so I’m okey about it. I was like really sad when I found out that I couldn’t go. But now, my friends means so much more to me, than a year abroad. I wouldn’t leave then for a second (Exept that I’m in California for a month right now). So, we’ll see what the future will bring for both of us.

      A lot of luck senecerely, the lotusness.

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