To the US?

So, me as an exchange student? That is the question. I don’t know if i have mentioned it, because so much more is taking place in my life right now.

Maybe you think to yourself. Why America? Sure Australia and Brazil would be great, but to be honest I’m too scared of the animals there. My worst fear is to being faced with situations which include snakes, spiders or sharks. So no thank you.


The country America really exties me. The land of the free, as I like to call it. And the land of possibilities. I know there are many bad things about and in the US, but which countries don’t have anything bad about them? No one or nothing is perfect. By the way, that is one of my mottos in life. Because I am extremely competitive. So I tell myself, nothing is perfect. I want to get to know America. The country I have heard so much about and seen so much from. I want to feel the high school spirit, and know the life of an American girl. I know it may not be as in the high school films, but I want to get to know it my way. For better and for worse.

I have to mention that I have prepared myself for what I will give to my host family. So now you know how obsessed I am about this idea. I thought about bringing some brown cheese and a cheese slicer. Very exotic according to the Americans. And easy too. But I understand that I guess. Another creative suggestions is to make a album with pictures of me and stuff. Of me and the life in the freezing country Norway. It would probably be great fun. And a nice gesture too.

Of course I have some favorite states in USA. I can read from my wish list, 1. California, 2. New York, 3. South Carolina, 4. New Jersey, 5. Massachusetts, 6. Florida and 7. Georgia. I have changed my list allot though. Why would I leave home? I don’t find it scary to leave home, I just find it empowering and exiting. I want to experience life, get to know other cultures and their way of life. I want to be a free, an independent and a strong person. And I know that will be the reality if I get to fulfil my dream.

I have fought so hard for this. It have actually been one of my biggest motivations towards recovery. So, to be able to go to America and study, would be so symbolic to me. To know and feel that I can do anything in life. So I cross my fingers, legs and everything that I got, so I can go the states.



5 responses to “To the US?

    • I love America, even though I never been there. 🙂 Which state are you from? I really really hope I get in. The organizations are really against sending people who is and/or have been sick, so I hope it will be okey to the end. 🙂

  1. I think you should really go! I’m gonna go to USA as an exchange student next year too~~ that is, if they will accept me after my interview ^^; I was there about a year ago with my mom, driving around in the country between the four states California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, and it was absolutely fabolous! 😀

    Sorry, I typed my website adress wrong in the comment above ^^;

    • It sounds amazing. 🙂 I really hope that they will let me go, even though I have been sick. But now I feel free and fabolous. 😀 Which contries do you love the most?

      It’s okey. 😉 It’s an easy fix. 🙂

      • I hope you’ll become an exchange student too~~ in my opinion, it is one of the best experience you could ever get (even though I haven’t tried it yet). My favorite countries like USA, Japan and France =3
        Sorry for not answering, I didn’t see your answer D: And I love your new blog! I’m Danish, so hopefully I’ll be able to understand most of your Norwegian ^^

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