How do you get better?

That is on really common question I see allot. How do you really get better? Of course it’s a individual question, but the main thing is to find things that motivate you and remind you of life. Not the toughts about you not wanting to be you. Because you are stuck with you anyways. And each person in the world is special their own way. No one is like you.

This is a list of things that have helped me on the right path:

-I’ve embraced myself in a creative way, by getting my feelings on a sheat of paper

-Finding inspirational through songs, poems, quotes and pictures

-Writing down my true emotions

-Talking to my friends and family open hearted

-Write down my goals and dreams in life (dreams are important!)

-Join the forum Somethingfishy

-Write my own blog about me and my eating disorder in a good way

-Have a therapist that have helped me allot and a own crew that followed me through

-Boxing as an physical exercise (to be able to express myself)

My painting which expressed the way I felt at the time. Caught in a net of allot of feelings and sorrow. About wanting to die and wanting to live.

“I’m there”

Moi 032

I believe it’s so much more than this.

I finally feel that I can be me, because I’ worth it.


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