A confession

Hey all of you guys. Lately I have been in a good periode. I actually almost feel healthy. Happy and healthy. Two words that suit eachother perfectly. Mabye not perfectly, because I don’t believe in the word perfect. But you all know that right?

I’ve been noticing the increasing visits on my blog. And I am so happy for that. But unfortunable I haven’t been that great to update by blog. Since I have had such a great time, I haven’t felt like writing about thing to motivate me, and others. I really want to hear from you guys, about what you mean or feel. I can take it. 😀

I have to come with a confession. I’m not just writing about myself, but for all of the people out there struggling. I thought I would really like to help people to recover at the same time as I am recovering. At first I thought that I wasn’t even worth fighting for. I wasn’t worth anything, I was just rubbish. I would rather die. But when I realized it was a life after ED, I kept on fighting. And I wanted to help others, so I wasn’t the only one leaving “dear” Anorexia. And I know that there are people out there, fighting the same battle as me. The hard, but nessecassy battle against ED.




3 responses to “A confession

  1. See, this, right here, gives me hope… which is really hard for me to come by these days. I’m so happy for you.
    It really is the choise between life and death, I’m glad the light at the end of your tunnel is getting brighter.


    • Thank you Elisa. I hope you will be feeling better soon. I really want you all the best. As we say, keep fighting. It may seem dark, but keep on fighting and you will reach happiness and the life you truly was meant to have.

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