Going on vacation

Lately I haven’t had the time to blog. This period have been great and abit depressing. So a really weird time. I see my hole bbody changing, and that’s something that is hard to handle. I freak out sometimes and think about going back to where I was. But then I get this feeling, that I know better who I am. I feel more like me. More outgoing, positive, loud and smiling.

So now it’s time for some real vacation. I’m going to Spain and France in a couple of hours. Actually  I have been to both places, but I’m still looking foreward to get to know the culture and people better. Going on vacation is like running away from your life, taking time of. Putting it on a pause-button. To enjoy life, and making the best out of it. So I can’t wait to get to warmer contries. 🙂 I’m going away for 2 weeks, so it will be some time before I blog again. I hope you all keep motivated further on recovery and enjoy the summer.


“Go within everyday and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out. “

-Katherine Dunham


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