Tattoos -art and beauty

Before I thought tattoos were really weird and I wondered why people wanted them. Why color your body, when it’s permanent? But now, I have totally fallen in love with tattoos. After I saw Miami Ink on television I saw the beauty of tattoos. They aren’t just lines of creatures and things, it’s art. And they symbolizes the feelings the person feels. But some have just tattoos for the beauty, that I don’t see. What when whey you get tired of them?

Tattoos are an expression of feelings. Therefore I have decided I am going to get a tattoo when I am mabye, 18 years. Them I am allowed to make my own desicions. I know it’s a big desicion to make. The fact that it stays on you body forever. And I have to be honest, that’s really scaary. Why I want to get a tattoo? When I recover(notice I didn’t say if) I am going to award myself with a tattoo. A tattoo that symbolizes strength, courage and beauty. I want to be reminded, when I am able to beat anorexia, I can beat everything. And recovery takes allot of courage and strength. I know tattoos arn’t going to be “in” forever, but  who cares when it really gives me hope and strength (hopefully).

Since I have been thinking of this allot lately I have been searching. Searching for great tattoos which symbolizes what I want it to. And it is allot of great tattoo objects to choose from.



First I really loved the idea of a dragonfly. It symbolizes freedom, good luck, a change and the dact of being okey with it. And joy and a new light. It’s still a pretty great choice. 🙂


And I really love how flowers suits the body. It suits perfectly. A lotus flower/ waterliy is a beautifull flower. It symbolizes something who grows and grows into something more beautiful and a struggle. And also rebirth, purity and beauty. At this time, I have desided if I wanted to have the tattoo now I would gotten a lotus flower or a symbol of a lotusflower like Jessica Alba has. I really look up to Jessica, both her struggles, tattoos, personality and her acting. A true rolemodel. 😀 startattoos-jessicaalba

It’s so many tattoos who would turn out great. Tattoos of like….

…Orchid (symbolizes love, beauty, refinement and beautiful lady)

…Lily of the Valley (symblolizes sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, return to happiness and humility)

…a butterfly( symblolizes transformation/change, love, joyand freedom)


3 responses to “Tattoos -art and beauty

  1. I was going to get a tattoo at the end of the summer, but my brother talked me out of it… I will however get one when I’m recovered and I can think clearly 🙂

  2. Just sorta stumbled upon this while looking designs for lotus tattoos. Congrats on beating anorexia. Good luck on your journey. I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you.

  3. WOW! I don’t know you but I think just the words you have placed on this Blog show a strength and willingness to work hard. Beating any addition is never an easy road and I pray you are successful beyond your dreams and true happiness has already found you.
    Tattoos for celebration and rememberance are the best reason to get them especially in your position. What a great gift to yourself. Recovery and a reminder that you CAN survive anything the world may through at you. Keep it up and God Bless. POst you Tat when you get it! Amy

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