Eating disorder aka….

I am really tired of people who think that it’s just about the food. It’s so much more than just problems with food. Therefore I made up names for it.


….self-inflicted weight loss
….obsessive-compulsive weight loss
….weight gain phobia
….hunger mania
….emaciation addiction
….sadistic-masochistic weight loss disorder
….depressive-revengeful disorder
….repressed depressed left out and alone child’s syndrome
….I don’t know what else to do syndrome
….I want to feel clean and pure disorder
….I am so ashamed disorder
….I WANT to grow up, but I CANNOT disorder
….I want to get a life, please help me disorder
….I want to be invisible so that people can notice me disorder
….I want to feel likeable disorder                                                                                                                                                                    ….terrified to get fat disorder
….terrified to get lazy (that leads to becoming fat)
….terrified to eat fast-food/bad food
….get stressed/anxious/crazy/terrified of getting fat/ after eating disorder
….unable to relax because am terrified to get fat disorder
….bad self esteem, fucked up body image, unable to deal with some sorts of food disorder
….don’t want to eat, but kind of wants to eat disorder
….want to be thin disorder
….the worst thing that have happened in my life disorder                                                                                                                           ….pay me attention disorder
….leave me alone disorder
….give me an excuse disorder
….I don’t want to feel disorder – numb me!
….my only way of screaming NO to the world disorder
….I need to feel in control disorder
….I need to feel special disorder
….I need to feel I own something that no one else can take away disorder
….one thing that will never abandon me disorder
….too much of a perfectionist disorder
….my life is changing and I can’t cope disorder
….I need something to distract me from this depression disorder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ….I am so scared of my neediness I have to prove I don’t need anything, even food disorder                                         ….trying to please everyone disorder
….do everything right disorder
….afraid of making mistakes disorder



3 responses to “Eating disorder aka….

  1. Wow. You did a wonderful job summing up why we do these things. I hope people will read this and start to gain some insight. I was particularly surprised at this your words appeared to me as if they were my own. I guess the same reason why I could find refuge in others for destruction, I can do the same for recovery.

    Thank you very much for the motivating comment. I’m glad for your concern and will be thinking happy thoughts for your success. You are right, though. I unfortunately still struggle… Every time I feel like I’m on the right track, like a bad case of allergies, it keeps coming back periodically.

    Keep writing. Stay strong. Take care of your soul and your body will ultimately follow. I look forward to more.

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