In ten years…

In ten years I’m 26 years.

With an eating disorder: If I still struggle with my weight and myself image in ten years, I would possibly look like crap. I would be tired and have no belief in a life I would really want. After allot of struggle, which influences my concentration and ability to continue on with my carrier. In the depression, on feeling not making anything in life, I would probably be more lost into the anorexia. Without a boyfriend, someone to claim on and to feel really in love with. Being sick and overloaded with sick thoughts, every day would be one day more in my life. A burden. Even though there would be people who love me, there would be tougher. Watching them be in pain and feel they do it in vain. Then I probably would rather die, than watching my family in such pain.


Without an eating disorder: Looking back on those though times, when I struggled with anorexia, would be something which might just make me stronger. The feeling of knowing that I am capable of almost everything would encourage me to live my life to the fullest every day. The healthy and new me is happy and feel the life is easier. Just life is good. I would be finished with my education and be working with something I truly love. Moving to New York for a year, which one of my greatest wishes is for live, would come true. Owning my own apartment and having a lovely boyfriend at the same times of fulfilling my wishes for life. Travelling the world and experience new things. Spending holidays with my family and enjoying each occasion which comes across. Having great friends and just live life to the fullest.



 Sick thin VS Healthy

Norway VS USA

Hospital VS. Own apartment

Unhappy VS Happy

No boyfriend VS Boyfriend

Crushing my dreams VS Fulfilling my dreams

Constantly be placed one specific place VS Travelling the world

Unhappy family VS Happy family


4 responses to “In ten years…

  1. I hate it that Elisa is right and it isn’t easy. But! I love your optimism so please hold on to it! It isn’t easy but what is the alternative? Wallowing with an eating disorder? No thanks! I love that second picture! It seems that you have a healthy perception of where you would like to be.

    • I have to admit that I don’t want to look like that. It was just the feel of the picture. Freedom and happiness. Thanks for commenting. It means so much for me, you have no idea.

      I know that it’s not that simple. But sometimes it’s simplest to look at it that way.

      And again, thanks 🙂

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