What’s my identity?


By Marykate Sinnott


when you look at me

what is it you see?

can you remember the girl

that i used to be?


that sweet little child

wide eyed and shy

full of wonder and stories

and forever asking “why”


i am not a disease

i am not skin and bone

just a girl who got lost

& feels scared and alone


some days i fall

and make so many mistakes

some days it’s so hard

not to cry

not to break


but when i look in the mirror

after those tears have dried

i see that same little girl

it’s still me inside


i’m not a number on a scale

i’m just me

trying to rediscover

the little girl I used to be




2 responses to “What’s my identity?

  1. I know. It’s so amazing:) Every month there are this kind of brochure, a support letter, with motivation of pictures, poems, quotes and stories. I really recommend it!


    If you don’t like to be a member I am happy to send you the supportletter. 😉

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