Into the game

Hey guys. The game’s on. My game, my time.

Theres no really good reason for me to start blogging. It just hit me, and it seemed to be at the right time for me. So I have to just excuse myself from blogging everything which is at my mind at the time. So now, you have found my place. This is the time to talk everything through and thinking about my life. Anger, sorrow, sadness and happiness. . If you not enjoy it, find it hilarious or just laugh of it, just continue with your life. And just don’t waste your time.

Okey, the bomb is dropped. I’m officially not english. But I wish I would. I simply love the language and the US very much. I’m actually norwegian. For those who don’t know where it is, I can give you a clue. We’re a oilnation. I kind of find it rediculous to be seen as a maniac who lives in an iglo and that there’s polarbears wandering in the streets. Actually, it’s not like that here. Where actually normal people. Shocking?  So basically I have to excuse the writing. And probably the humor. I have no clue who to write a blog what so ever, and I’m not born with the english language.

At the time, I’m recovering from my eating disorder. And by blogging about my everyday life, it would just feel good to just let everything just go. To burry  the anorexia deep down. The thoughs, the feeling of being ashamed, unworthy, ugly, fat, and all of that stuff. I would never, and ten I say never whan anyone to go through what I did and still do. For those who don’t know or understand us, it’s much harder than you think. To just eat.  It’s not just to eat. I’ll probably talk about it later.

But there are som much more than just eating disorder for me. Therefore I’m in the recovering prosess. There’s more to life than missary and pain. As I said before, life’s a game. There’s winning and loosing. And you never know when it’s your time to loose, and walk away from the game. So enjoy you life, it’s precious.

So basically, I hope you’ll be following me.

Walking the distance


Love, me.


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